Search Engine Marketing Techniques for Website Promotion

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

One of the most commonly asked questions nowadays by those managing the online marketing strategy of a business is: How do I get my website promoted for free? Search engine optimisation consultants will understand the need of website promotions, because it automatically leads to driving traffic to your website, increasing the importance of the site as seen by search engines and finally getting higher rankings. The aim of most online businesses is to get high rankings in search engines, since it improves the number of leads/potential customers and therefore impacts on the ROI.

We have compiled a list of search engine marketing techniques for your website’s free online promotion:

1. Use SEO techniques to promote your website

Search engine optimisation, both on-page and off-page, is the best way to promote your website. As we have explained in our previous blog, strong SEO will increase your ranking in search engines and will therefore greatly help in its promotion. To learn more about on-page and off-page recommended techniques, please read here.

2. Reciprocal linking techniques

Since the biggest search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) are all using inbound links as part of their algorithm to determine the page rank of your website, this is a good way of promotion! However, keep in mind it is the quality of the reciprocal links that matters, not only the quantity. Therefore, try to focus your efforts on relevant quality links.

3. Write articles to get free website promotion!

Writing articles on relevant topics for your business’ industry is a good way to prove that you have the knowledge as well as to promote your website/business. There are a number of article submission sites where you can promote them. They allow you to add in the resource box link back to your website. Nevertheless, keep in mind your articles need to have good content and be well written.

4. Web internet marketing using social networks -

Social media marketing has become of great importance nowadays, and therefore the use of social networking sites as a way to find and target your audience is a very good technique of promoting your website. The number of Internet users being active on social networking communities’ increases with every day, making it a very good channel to market your website. As a part of your Social media marketing strategy try using Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages or LinkedIn. Be careful when choosing the network communities, they should be relevant for the audience you are targeting.

5. Blogging as a part of Search Engine Marketing Technique

Blogging for business/ for promoting your website is a very hot topic lately. Most people understand the benefits of blogging, but find it difficult to cope with the need of constantly working on it. If you want to read more tips on the importance of blogging please read here.

6. Submissions on online directories for website marketing

Submitting your sites to online directories is a very simple and efficient technique to promote your website online. As search engine optimisation consultants we highly recommend submissions on niche and local directories to get quality traffic to your site. In today’s scenarios, there are millions of sites coming up daily, we suggest focussing on location based internet marketing is very important.

7. Actively participate in discussions on forums!

Find forums and discussion boards that target relevant topics and start participating actively in discussions. It is a good way to promote you website and show expertise on topics.

8. Use Social Bookmarking!

As part of your search engine marketing strategy you must include social bookmarking. It is a very effective way of promoting your website successfully. Submit your links, blogs, articles to social bookmarking networks such as digg and

9. Use E-Mail Newsletters!

Sending weekly/monthly e-mail newsletters is a great technique to keep your prospects, build brand awareness as well as build future business. Therefore, it is a must in your search engine marketing experience.


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