Monday, 13 June 2011

If you have online business the chances are that you’re looking for ways to promote your website. If you have time and you’re experienced web developer, then you can use one or all methods, mentioned below:

1. Submit your Website to Online Directories This is part of a longer term strategy aimed at creating incoming links, which will help form the foundation of your search engine optimisation strategy. Take a look at our list of online directories.

2. Start Creating Social Networking Develop a presence in one or more of the social networking websites. For example, if you have a business-to-business service consider building a profile in Ecademy, whereas if you have a product or service for the consumer market MySpace can work well.

3. Create Buzz Are you launching an innovative business or one with a slight twist on what has gone before? Consider getting bloggers to write about your new business – the most popular place to do this is at PayPerPost.

4. Pay per Click Advertising If you’ve just launched a new online business the chances are that very few people know about it. Therefore to get people visiting your website instantly try pay per click advertising. Within 15 minutes you could have potential customers visiting your website.
5. Do Search Engine Optimization for your website Many people launch a new website without carefully optimising their website for important keywords. The result is that this task is left for a couple of months, at which time the website is optimised, with subsequent results not occurring many further months down the line. Get started immediately with optimising your website.

6. Submit an Online Press Release of your website One of the most cost-effective ways for new businesses to generate awareness is through PR. Try writing a press release, and remember to distribute it online as well as offline.

7. Post Classified Ads There are many free classified websites which receive tens of thousands of hits each day. Posting an ad is almost always free and can bring in highly targeted traffic or be used as a lead generation tool. See our list of free classified advertising websites.

8. Launch Affiliate Programme After your first couple of months in business you should have a good idea of your customer acquisition cost. This knowledge, along with having increased the conversion rate of your website, means that you can launch an affiliate programme with generous yet affordable payouts.

9. Increase your Conversion Rate This is one of the most neglected forms of oOnline marketing. Once your website has been up-and-running for a while you should have statistics regarding the number of unique visitors and be able to calculate how many of those go on to register and eventually make a purchase. To make your current marketing efforts more effective you need to convert more visitors into customers.

10. Use Low Cost Techniques Try experimenting with various low cost viral marketing techniques. These marketing ideas could be anything from sending an e-voucher to all your current customers that they can also forward onto friends and colleagues, or providing a discount at the end of the buying process if they send your website to 5 friends.

If you’re having time defficit, and you need to concentrate on tour speciality, instead of concentrating on website itself and on search engine optimization technics, there’s new method, which was developed by company named AdWord Banners ( The idea of technology is placing your website banners on top of search engines, and linking them with keyword, which describes your busniess. Advantage of this technology is it’s universality, it’s scalability and fixed cost. Clients will no longer need to follow daily, weekly or monthly spendings. They can pay once in year and get solid traffic on their website during whole year.
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